by Luciana ALIKER & Christian THERESINE. The "Vertigineuses clés de sol" are a powerful reminder of the benefits of gardens, drawing on a rich palette of plants evocative of South America.

© Luciana Aliker

Vertiginous keys to the ground

by Luciana ALIKER & Christian THERESINE (France - Guyane)

The "Vertigineuses clés de sol" are a powerful reminder of the benefits of gardens, drawing on a rich palette of plants evocative of South America, with shimmering colours that boost the visitor's spirits, as well as a harmonious association of materials and textures.

On entering this bioclimatic garden, where each element brings movement and balance, where nature is present, making the most of the resources it provides day after day, the public will discover the vertiginous keys to the soil from this beautiful and fascinating department of Guyana, in South America.

Eco-friendly features

Locally produced plants are used in the design of this garden to help prevent infestation by Xylella and other pathogens.

For ethical floral design, committed producers are preferred, as well as second-hand products (e.g., PVC decoration).

The creators of this garden expect to showcase expertise in the management of heat islands and natural ventilation in traditional Creole houses in Guyana, which are naturally "bioclimatic".

Water is used in a closed loop to supply the water point, inspired by the creeks of Guyana, distinguished by their meanders and a wealth of fish.

Renewable energy is used in the form of solar energy (photophores, spotlights). No chemical pesticides are used.

As the Alpes-Maritimes department is committed to the NRP network to highlight and promote the territory's biodiversity, this garden highlights several species of Guianese flora and fauna: An echo of sustainable management in the French Amazonian forests located in Guyana.

The team

Luciana ALIKER (KERALIA Paysage), a member of the French Landscape Federation, and Christian THERESINE (CONSTRUTECK), are two entrepreneurs based in French Guiana, an overseas department located more than 8,000km from Menton. Their respective skills in landscaping, ‘any material’ construction and their fondness for their territory, led them to compose a garden highlighting the traditional Guyanese know-how and the biodiversity of the natural environment of Guyana.  

Lucas Dalmasso, Campus Vert d'Azur apprentice.


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