Surprenante perspective (Surprising Perspective)

The idea is to create a first perspective by creating frames in which LEDs or neon lights are installed in order to have a night-time rendering. Each frame has a colour that will be declined from soft blue to purple to recall the emblem of Tourrettes-sur-Loup which is the violet. These colours are obviously reinforced by the neon lights. 

This idea of a frame refers to the work Frame Perspective by Olivier Ratsi. 

As the visitor walks down the central aisle and passes the frames, he sees his silhouette in a full-length mirror that is strategically placed to create a second perspective. Each mirror reflects the silhouette of the person in a different garden and there are 3 garden themes : 

  • The exotic garden  
  • The Provençal Garden 
  • The contemporary garden 

The guideline of these gardens is based on the choice of drought resistant plants.