Sur un air de Tillandsia (To a Tillandsia tune)

The commune of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is presenting an ambitious project devised by its Green Spaces team, an ephemeral garden created especially for the 2023 GARDEN FESTIVAL, which occupies almost the entire Theatre on the Sea located in the heart of the village. A total of 350 m2 of landscaping has been created, with an aerial perspective of the plant at the heart of the project: the Tillandsia.

Like tightrope walkers, the Tillandsia aéranthos are suspended in the air from planted wires that plunge towards a single vanishing point, the sea. The "girls of the air", as they are called, give an impression of levitation above the main garden located below and unite at a single point, a link between the elements: air, earth and water.

Various exotic and Mediterranean plants, whose shared characteristic is that they are water-saving, are displayed and enhanced by areas laid out with green slate mulch and cocoa bean shavings, creating shades of colour that blend in perfectly with the plant beauty of this eco-friendly garden.

Visitors stroll along a path bordered by small palm trees and interspersed with explanatory signs that once again put the garden into the perspective of the pupils of the local primary school, important players in the development of this ephemeral landscape with its many unexpected perspectives.