by Antoine and Sybille du Peloux & Louise Rué Le Pack Landscaper & Louise Rué design (France). If we stood on the remains of a piece of a French formal garden, how would we design it today with tomorrow’s world in mind?

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By Antoine et Sybille du Peloux & Louise Rué. Le Pack Paysagiste & Louise rué design  (France)

If we stood on the remains of a piece of a French formal garden, how would we design it today with tomorrow’s world in mind?

This garden's multidisciplinary team has taken an interest in classic and mythical gardens, to reinvent them and incorporate their beauty and individuality.

By taking inspiration from the aesthetic canon and imagining its evolution towards a sustainable future, they have created their own mythology by playing with theatricality, the spectacular and symbolism: cathedral trees, statue-shacks reinvoking the animal kingdom, careful and wild arabesques, mirrored perspectives, all of which allow us to find the exactness of a contemporary gesture in a classical lineage.

Eco-friendly features

This garden presents a "living" interpretation of classical gardens, in line with the team's environmental values.

All materials used are rigorously sourced or recovered (wood, paving stones, limestone, plants) and will be reused after dismantling. Shrubbery and mowing are limited to preserve biodiversity and combat heat islands, thus reducing garden maintenance.

The plant combinations create microcosms that are designed to adapt sustainably without chemicals, are melliferous and water efficient. To combat wildfires, a range of fire-resistant species was also selected.

To support the local economy and to further anchor this project, the garden's designers collaborated with regional companies. They are also running a design workshop with the Ressourcerie de Nice to make their sculptural huts, from recycled materials, to provide a habitat for the surrounding wildlife.

The team

Le Pack, a family-owned firm founded by Antoine, Sybille du Peloux & Adrien Roux: Landscaper, designer and builder, is inspired by the present times to create innovative landscape designs that celebrate "a living heritage" with elegance and poetry.

Louise Rué, product designer, is based in Orléans. Her projects, linked to plants, are a way of sharing and communicating ecological and reuse values, addressing emerging issues by bringing harmony between forms, materials and uses.

Loan Jacomino, Campus Vert d'Azur apprentice.


  • La Ressourcerie, fondation de Nice 
  • Pépinières locales