By Wai Chung Wu Maggie & Alejandro O’Neill (China/Uruguay). The Temple is a completely new way to enjoy a garden.

© Wu Wai Chung

Le temple (the temple)

By Wai Chung Wu Maggie & Alejandro O’Neill (China/Uruguay)

The Temple is a completely new way to enjoy a garden. People walk through the dry Mediterranean landscape and enter a pavilion in the middle with hanging ribbons in the upper space, entirely different Mediterranean plants in the centre, and several seating areas.

It challenges our idea of human scale, because the length of the ribbons is such that people have to bow slightly to enter the pavilion, as if entering a temple, sit and lie down.

They have to smell, touch, revere and get close to the plants, with the ribbons blown by the wind - a complete experience of nature.

The garden provides a totally different and interesting perspective for the public and will be a highlight of the Garden Festival.

Eco-friendly features

The ribbons hanging from the pavilion are made of recycled cotton that uses the eco-printing technique, a form of natural dyeing where the colours of the plant material are transferred to the fabric.

The choice of plants is centred on local plants that require little maintenance and are already adapted to the climate and environment.

The team

Maggie Wu Wai Chung is a Hong Kong-based architect, artist and designer, recently recognised by the “40 under 40” awards in Asia. Her work can be seen in Hong Kong, Italy, Monaco, France, Georgia and Russia. She has her own design studio in Antibes.  

Alejandro was trained in Uruguay, where he developed a strong passion for naturalistic designs based on ecological and sustainability principles. He has worked in Uruguay, England, France, Italy, Russia and Japan. 

Isaac Lion, Campus Vert d'Azur apprentice.


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