by Sarah Houlbert & Julien Thirion (France). Here you are invited to take a walk on a jetty, represented by a wooden pontoon within a pebble beach.

© Sarah Houlbert et Julien - Thirion Architecte


by Sarah Houlbert & Julien Thirion (France)

Here you are invited to take a walk on a jetty, represented by a wooden pontoon within a pebble beach. This leads to a framed view in the distance, on a horizon of the raging sea. Throughout the walk, the plant palette evokes waves and sea spray.

Near the decking, the gum trees graze the feet of the visitors with their round leaves, like so many splashes of salt water. As you walk along through a game of anamorphosis, you discover that the most surprising view (the one that was promised at the end of the jetty) is not necessarily the one you might have expected...

Eco-friendly features

To incorporate sustainable development principles into the garden, it was designed in conjunction with another project with the idea of being able to recycle and reuse all of its raw materials (wood, plants and drip irrigation system, among others). The remaining materials (building platform structures) are linked to recycled site networks.

With the exception of the printed tarpaulin, which must be made from recycled plastic or at least with eco-solvents, the wide range of materials used for the project are of natural origin (wood for the decking and structure, hay for the mulch, pebbles at the site entrance).

The mulch, pebbles and plants are sourced locally to reduce their environmental impact. The plants selected are adapted to the Mediterranean region and will require little maintenance (drip irrigation for the duration of the festival) Finally, the symbolism of the garden itself sends a strong message about our eco-citizen efforts to avoid marine pollution (waste management).

The team

Sarah Houlbert has been working as a landscape designer for almost 10 years in the PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) region. Environmentally conscious, she creates elegant gardens, in keeping with the history and demands of the site, using local materials and as far as possible without the need for watering.

With 15 years of international experience within the largest French agencies, Julien Thirion was quick to incorporate environmental concerns into his architectural projects.  For the last few months, Sarah and Julien have been working together to develop joint ventures.

Loïc Queron, Campus Vert d'Azur apprenticeLeni Carniato, Campus Vert d'Azur apprentice.


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