Out of competition in Antibes Juan-les-Pins

A hanging frame

By the Campus Vert d’Azur in Antibes, with the National Landscape Enterprises Union (UNEP) and the town of Antibes-Juan-les-Pins. The garden entitled “A hanging frame” will guide spectators from angles and viewpoints to the...

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The Garden entitled "A Suspended Frame" will guide viewers through angles and viewpoints to explore the place. Indeed, this garden in the shape of a painter's palette allows viewers to be positioned as painters in search of a subject, an angle and a frame.

Thus, it is in the eye and through frames that the painter can compose or imagine the canvas. The frames arranged on the site will encourage visitors to observe plant scenes from a pictorial point of view. The grasses bring rhythm to this space which is usually occupied by trunks, their presence suggesting the filaments of the painter's brush. Some shrubs and flowers compose various scenes on three levels to amplify the profile of the terrain. The blue flowers, as well as the light foliage of the plumbago contrast with the bright yellow of the broom and complete the chromatic palette.

In the position of the oval thumb-hole, a plate of plexiglass serves as a mirror. Through it, recycled green and blue waste evoke the canopy of the pinewood. On this surface, the tree cover is reflected and invites viewers to raise their eyes to the canopy. This installation will also help us to wonder about the impact of pollution, plastic waste left to decay in the wilds. The wood used for the edgings will be the same as that used to make frames, to create unity in the use of materials. On the ground, wood veneer will be arranged to signpost and cover the pathway. In the beds, three mulches cover the different levels to contrast with the foliage. Pine bark will be in place on the lower part. Pozzolan on the intermediate level, and crushed brick on the upper level, will dress the ground to recall the ochres and brown colours of the tree trunks.


The garden was designed by Clément BOURELY, an apprentice landscape engineer at CFPPA Antibes. Preparation and monitoring of the project will be carried out by the apprentices working towards their CAPA qualification in Gardening - Landscaping, Bac Pro et BP Landscape Layout. At every stage, students will be supervised by professionals from UNEP and their technical teachers from the training centre Vert d’Azur d’Antibes.


Pépinière Atrium.