Gardens out of competition

Principality of Monaco

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At the instigation of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, the environment is a national priority for Monaco, which has been pursuing a proactive sustainable development policy for several years.

Following its commitments, the Principality of Monaco wishes to affirm its status of Responsible Tourism destination by offering to discover the whole set of its actions through specific tours apart from the usual tourist circuits to reveal a sustainable Monaco.

The garden out of competition

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A balcony on the Mediterranean

By the principalty of Monaco

We dream of a Mediterranean evolving with the times, aware of its precious heritage. We dream of its splendid gardens, with their own souls, and specific flavours.

In relation with the garden contest

Extend your Mediterranean dream

Touristic routes in this city

To complete your discovery, touristic routes around the places will allow you to extend the Mediterranean dream in the world of gardens.