Out of competition - Nice

Neseae's fabulous forest

Presented by the city of Nice

Here, we dream of a generous forest, dense and protective, where we can enjoy the freshness of the foliage, and of a sacred spring: the nymphaeum, where Neseae, the goddess of the rivers, who dressed with drops of water, guides and comforts the traveller, lost in this inextricable world.

The original nature, devastated by human activity, gave way to the anthropic and cultivated second nature, little diversified.

By helping us to materialise our shared dream, Greek mythology allows us to imagine the third nature to reinvent a world and a new vigorous and fabulous acclimatised nature.

This is the fabulous power of botanical acclimatisation offered by the Côte d'Azur which is given tribute, inventing a new landscape and a new designed forest from which arise extraordinary and majestic species.

Realisation team

Garden designed and realised by the Green spaces Department of Nice.