Out of competition - Nice

Flying carpet

Presented by Stéphane MARIE

A Mediterranean dream; what a most beautiful dream to fly away on a flying carpet to contemplate the landscapes, to see other horizons.

On the other hand, don’t Persian rugs reproduce the patterns of gardens, which are also a representation of paradise?

Composed of flower beds, African mats, plants that ascend to draw a new horizon; this garden is a dream and also a place to sit and talk.

Garden designed and realised by Stéphane Marie for the garden « Silence, ça pousse ! »

Born in the Cotentin, graduated from the fine arts of Orleans, Stéphane Marie grew up in the countryside and in the gardens, he leaves to continue his studies and work for twelve years in the world of theatre (sets and costumes). In the early 1990s, he returned to live at the Maubrairie, a home of his childhood with a plot of land, and is passionate about gardening. In 1998 he joined France 5 to take, since its creation, the leadership of the gardening programme "Silence, ça pousse! ", First magazine of the television channel dedicated to the garden. Since then, he has dedicated his activity exclusively to the development of the show, he has written several books on gardening and shares his know-how in the "No panic" section, helping viewers to reinvent their small gardens or terraces.

"Silence, ça pousse"

For 2 decades the television magazine "Silence, ça pousse!" broadcasted by France 5 presents an immersion in the world of gardens. Composed exclusively of practical themes during the early years, it has increased from thirteen to fifty minutes five years ago. Pushing away little by little the walls of the garden, the magazine presents portraits of passionate people, programmes analysing the place of vegetation in our society, visits of private or historical gardens, the study of exceptional landscapes and, on top of that, the section "No panic" during which Stéphane Marie meets viewers to help them reinvent their little Eden. All these topics are punctuated by practical workshops presented with Carole Tolila, filmed in the garden of the Maubrairie dedicated to the show from its origin.