The Sponsor 2023

The Sponsor

Denis BROGNIART : A well-known french personality

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This year once again, the Festival des Jardins de la Côte D’Azur is sponsored by a well-known name! Denis Brogniart is a sports journalist and the iconic presenter of French TV shows Koh-Lanta and Ninja Warrior. He is the sponsor for this 4th edition and President of the official jury!

Denis Brogniart is known for his commitment to devoting his time to helping others. Since 2010, he has been involved in the French Emergency Architects Foundation, which is an NGO helping people all over the world who are affected by natural or human disasters, to rebuild their homes, schools and infrastructures, and improve living conditions for these people in need. As an ambassador for the ARC Foundation for cancer research, he was also the sponsor for the 5th edition of the Triathlon des Roses, a charity sporting event raising money for research into breast cancer.

After spending his life in the countryside, he was looking for a place with an easy-going atmosphere and moved to a rural area in Essonne.

Message from Denis BROGNIART - The Sponsor 2023