Becoming a patron

By associating your image with the “Côte d'Azur Gardens Festival”, a cultural event of public interest, you will enjoy the gardens related values of well-being, resourcing and nature.

What is the benefit to be a patron of the “Festival des jardins”?

  • Being visible
    Associate the image of your company with the dynamism of the “Festival des Jardins” and anchor your brand on the territory by associating you with the "Côte d'Azur France" brand.

  • Giving meaning
    Join the Département's "GREEN Deal" approach and play a part in the actions implemented for the preservation of the environment and sustainable development.

  • Preserving an exceptional plant heritage
    Contribute to the international reputation of the gardens of the Côte d'Azur, a prominent natural and cultural heritage.

  • Supporting the young landscape creation
    Help landscape sector’s young designers to get started and raise awareness among the general public about the expertise of landscapers whose professional practices are constantly evolving.

  • Benefiting from a highly positive return in term of image
    Take advantage of the sympathetic capital of the "Garden" theme related to the values of well-being, healing and nature.

The tax-friendly environment for sponsorship

The French law of the 1st of August 2003 on sponsorship allows:

  • Individuals to benefit from a 66% tax cut on donations made, up to a limit of 20% of taxable income.
  • Companies to benefit from a 60% tax cut on donations made, within the limit of 0.5% of revenues.

Corporate patronage is legally defined as "material support provided, without direct consideration by the beneficiary, to a charity or an individual for the performance of activities of public interest".

In fact, counterparties in communication and public relations are allowed up to 25% of the donation amount. An overall benefit of 85% of the donation amount for the sponsoring company.

The sponsorship: in what form ?

  • Financial sponsorship: Support the “Festival des Jardins” by contributing to its financing by a donation in cash.
  • Sponsorship in kind: Contribute to the “Festival des Jardins” by providing material support or service.
  • Patronage of skills: Involve the skills of your employees on the “Festival des Jardins”.

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