Côte d'Azur Garden Festival

An eco-responsible festival

The Festival has joined the “GREEN Deal” initiative, which is an ambitious policy driven by the French Department of Alpes-Maritimes, to get involved in the protection of the natural environment and the fight against climate change.

With the GREEN Deal scheme, ecological transition is a priority for local authorities, who choose to encourage concrete and useful actions for everyday life for both the local people and visitors, to move around, live, produce, consume, work and play in an eco-responsible way, in an effort to preserve our exceptional natural environment.

Eco-responsible creations

The candidates will have to respect the set of guidelines laid out by the competition, and propose creations that respect the environment, according to two strict rules:

  • Sustainable and recyclable creations
  • Reduced energy consumption

A “GREEN Deal” prize for the most eco-friendly garden

The Department will reward the most eco-friendly garden, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Priority given to local plant species
  • Promotion of species biodiversity
  • Recycling of plants and materials
  • Use of renewable energy (lighting, water pump, etc.)
  • Choice of eco-responsible materials
  • Eco-friendly water management (watering, mulching, etc.)