Out of competition - Monaco

A balcony on the Mediterranean

Presented by the Principality of Monaco

We dream of a Mediterranean evolving with the times, aware of its precious heritage. We dream of its splendid gardens, with their own souls, and specific flavours.

We also dream of a nourishing land and a healthy environment to accompany our children’s future generations.

In a quiet place, above the sea, as suspended between two worlds, floats a balcony. This balcony, overlooking the sea, offers to people who go there a unique panorama.

On one side the Rock of Monaco, on the other Cap-Martin, the view is breathtaking.

And when we enter this garden, filled with fabulous stories, we are guided along a path where scents blend with the extravagant shapes of the trees and plants standing there.

For a moment, during a walk time, visitors will come over for a dream in this glittering blue, called Mediterranean.

Realisation team

Garden designed and built by the Urban Development Department of the Principality of Monaco, visible on the public terraces of the Monte Carlo Star (at the back of the Casino, sea side)