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Summer Resilience

Presented by Benjamin ILLAT (Association paysagistes sans frontières PSF)

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How will time and the elements transform the emblematic landscapes of the Côte d'Azur? Far from the promised dystopian future, our installation seeks to prove that ecosystems always evolve, metamorphose and adapt.

We propose to reverse the history of gardens looking to the past, to dream about the future of local gardens and imagine the Côte d'Azur of tomorrow.

We will work from the steep limestone topography of the region which will be represented by a bright, monumental, whitewashed wooden structure. It is an architecture showing limestone, its material, but also its empty spaces and breaks. There will remain only a few chimeric relics of this soil, its skeleton in a way, transformed by erosion, the action of climate, time.

This structure will illustrate the remains of today’s landscapes, laying on a red and ochre soil, representing the clay that will give a very strong contrast with the brightness of the project. This clay is the result of the natural transformation of limestone by the chemical action of nature and humans (plants, carbon dioxide in the air, acidity of rain...)

If we look ahead then in several millennia, the Alpes-Maritimes will also have plant species coming from far away. These plants will cross the Mediterranean, and migrate from the South to our latitudes. We then offer you a spectacular and imaginary garden, by its porous, slender architecture and composed of very many elements that will assemble infinitely playing with the natural light. Beyond alarmist speeches on climate change, our project will lead the visitor to question the future of the Côte d'Azur landscapes.

Wandering in a metaphorical nature, he will start to "dream" of these changes, and will question the action of elements, water, wind, plants, but also of himself on the world that surrounds him and which changes, inexorably.

Project team

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Benjamin Illat, Etienne Roby, Axel Adam-Couralet, Estelle Briaud, Nicolas Brousse, Hugo Levére, Xin Luo, Jean-Baptiste Audubert, Sebastien Thomas and Pierre Delmau.

PFS is a young team of landscapers, artists, architects and designers. They have been working together for several years, sharing a reflection that brings together their different professional practices. Art, architecture and landscape are inseparable from a harmonious planning. They also seek to positively look at the natural and anthropogenic systems that surround them. Their desire is to develop a common practice in which human actions have positive effects on the ecosystems in which they operate, and vice versa. (BORDEAUX)

Garden realised with the help of :
Agence d'architecture Moonwalk Local, wooden structure (Bordeaux) ; Romain Feuchot, cabinet maker wooden structure (Cosnac), Pépinière Sainte-Marguerite.

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