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Travelling seeds

Presented by l’atelier de paysage LIEUX 10

© Lieux 10 - Atelier de paysage

This creation between imagination and reality is an invitation to travel through the different fertile and colourful landscapes of the Mediterranean.

The collected plants take us back to the Renaissance period when scientific expeditions brought back crates and trunks of rare seeds for kings and queens. But here on the way back an unknown seed germinates and compromises the end of the journey ... the dream begins.

On the periphery of the creation, the sea of sand with its red vegetation and its fog suggests the arid lands of the Mediterranean rim. Then we discover three islands. Each of these refers to a region of the Mediterranean basin. Indeed, the Hellenic island with its olive trees, reminds us of the white and solar shores of Greece. The southern island evokes the red lands of Spain planted with vines. Levantine Island echoes the Middle East Mediterranean coast where citrus dispenses heady fragrances. In the central part, a raft is grounded on the southern island.

On board, the trunks are loaded with collections of seeds displayed in test tubes and in jute bags. Some crates are full of cuttings and young plants from all over the Mediterranean. At the other end of the raft, a wicker tree has grown. In a hollow of its trunk, the visitor can pick up a small purse of bee-forage plants seeds. The pathway is made of a wooden decking slightly above the ground. It crosses over the sea of sand, serves the raft and comes nearby the three islands to learn about their composition.

It is a dreamlike invitation to wander through visually contrasting, sculptural and fragrant plant scenes. This is an opportunity to discover in a playful way the fragile floristic richness of the Mediterranean biome and to bring some seeds home to create a personal Mediterranean garden and dream again about these landscapes and ancient civilisations.

Project team

Johanna Bonella and Abel Flosi

The landscape shop Lieux 10 associates two young landscapers “DPLG” (Graduated by the Government), coming from the south of France, Johanna BONELLA and Abel FLOSI.

They strive to reconcile, in their public and private landscape creations, the coherence with the territorial dynamics, the ecological imperative and the improvement of the living environment.

Garden realised with the help of : AEGV (lighting) ; Ébénisterie Scordo (wood decking) ; Parcs et Jardins (watering and man power) ; Josenio (supplies) ; Ferronnerie du Sud (tree) ; Pépinière de la Colle Noire (plants), Pépinière Sainte-Marguerite.

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