by Jasmina Mallak (Croatia). Take a stroll by the sea! The garden is inspired by the constant change and movement bythe sea.

© Jasmina Mallak

The blue tide garden

By Jasmina Mallak (Croatia)

Take a stroll by the sea! 

The garden is inspired by the constant change and movement bythe sea. Among these phenomena is the blue tide. Blue or bioluminescent tides are caused by tiny floating organisms called phytoplankton. When phytoplankton are disturbed, a chemical reaction is produced within them that emits a blue-green light. The bioluminescent blooms may extend for hundreds of kilometres, providing a breathtaking scene. The garden transports this event to an urban environment. 

The choice of plants reflects the local spirit and creates an environment where the aromas of the sea air, herbs and floral notes mingle, all in cool shades of green and blue. 

The shape of the garden is organic and flows along the lines of waves. The rhythm of open and closed spaces, balanced by the textures and colours of the plants, crowned by glowing sand and blue rocks, provides a sensual and ever changing experience by day and night.

Eco-friendly features

The garden is completely eco-friendly.  

The plants are sourced from local nurseries. The selection of plants is in keeping with local climatic conditions and requires an average of 20% water consumption.  

The other garden structures are from natural, healthy, renewable, innovative and environmentally friendly products. The paths are stone gravel, the benches are made of wood, the garden borders are made of aluminium, which is known as the green metal. Light, strong and infinitely recyclable: Aluminium is one of the most sustainable materials in the world.  

The accent elements are glass blocks and glowing pebbles, which do not emit carbon or require electricity. Core Glow pebbles contain a natural, multi-activated, highly effective powder grown in the soil that, when exposed to light, emits a subtle glow in the dark. Made from non-radioactive and non-toxic materials, Core Glow is completely safe and fun for families. 

The garden lighting is low voltage lighting. The range of lamps is made from recycled raw materials. Compared to a traditional incandescent bulbs, low voltage lighting consumes 80% less energy. It also lasts up to ten times longer under normal use and is completely safe for users.

The team

Jasmina Mallak - Landscape architect, director of Studio Mallak, independent practice in Split, Croatia. 

Hrvoje Matkovic - Garden designer, landscape gardener, head of horticulture at the Lemon Garden Hotel in Sutivan, Croatia. 

Dario Tabak - Irrigation and lighting designer with a background in civil engineering, director of Aragonit, independent practice in Split, Croatia. 

Leni Carniato, Campus Vert d'Azur apprentice. 


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