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Terra medi-aqua, the archipelago garden

Presented by Marie PERRA and Mégane MILLET-LACOMBE

© Millet Lacombe, Mégane PerraMarie

The Mediterranean Sea comes from the Latin "medius" - between and the word "terra" - land, meaning "in the middle of the lands". It is known for its sometimes steep, sometimes paradisiacal coasts. But what about its islands?

We invite you on a gentle exploration along the waves, to discover a sample of these islands with diverse landscapes. Colours, fragrances, textures will inspire your crossing between lands and water.

The garden unveils the three types of islands that can be met in the Mediterranean thanks to a study on geology and local plants.
The volcanic island is made of pozzolana and slate rocks. It is little colonised by vegetation. A few euphorbia stand out on the black soil. The detached island offers accessible beaches and coastlines made of sand and limestone rocks. It has a shrub layer and a low layer that is often fragrant. The accretion island takes shape with wooden volumes. It is adorned with cacti and grasses playing with the wind.

Water flows from island to island. This water is a sea of plants with bluish tints. It touches the decking and rubs the islands with its white silver foam.

To discover this various-faceted landscape, the visitor follows the wake of Î-162, a boat that has connected the 162 islands of the Mediterranean. He follows a decking where each piece of wood has the name of one of the islands. He sails in thought from one island to another, with the three islands for visual support. His senses are awakening: the fragrances of plants and shells, the textures of the rocks, the sound of the wind and steps on the decking. The Big Island, the detached island of the continent, welcomes sailors in search of a halt. They can take place on the rocks of its coasts, in the middle of the Cistes and Filariaes.

The visitor will have to cross a landscape-garden. He will be lead into an uncommon story and space. The garden is not only a place to wander. The big island will welcome young and old on its shores, to experience its crossing, to settle there and to look at the vastness of water and offered islands. Throughout the sailing, he will develop his imagination to see the 162 islands, feel the sea breeze, the wind and the foam on his skin.

Project team

Marie Perra and Mègane Millet Lacombe are two landscapers and designers, graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage of Versailles. They work together regularly and share the same idea of landscape works. At any scale, they carry a global vision based on carefully chosen details. Fun and accessibility, origin of materials and plants, simplicity of realization and sharing are their key words. (BOURG EN BRESSE)

Mègane Millet Lacombe

Mégane undergoes additional training to refine her artistic mastery of projects.

Marie Perra

Marie, free-lance, works for individuals or public contractors.

Garden realised with the help of : Fibre Verte (shells ,pozzolan and mulching, Fabrègues), Tendance Gabion (gabions, La Bâtie-Rolland), Kevin Barthalay (réalisation, Grenoble), Pépinière Sainte Marguerite (plants, Grasse) and collective PUYA.

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