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Presented by the collective MULTIFOLIUM

© Zoé Balla

The "immersion" garden has been imagined as a walk in the Mediterranean seabed. The Mediterranean Dreams theme recalled to us unknown underwater landscapes sometimes neglected or forgotten as invisible from the surface.

The visitor is invited to dive in the imaginary of these landscapes but also in the reality of the typical ecological biotopes of the Mediterranean coasts. The garden suggests these aquatic universes often source of myths and reveries by playing on the poetry and the imagination which they arouse.

A central and organic path makes its way through the three depicted aquatic environments: sandy bottoms covered with ropes, damaged by human activities such as the too intensive boats anchorage in the centre of the garden, lush rocky bottoms on a mound decorated with rocks and a great diversity of spectacular and colourful plants and finally, herbariums waving on the rest of the plot, real lungs of the Mediterranean Sea.

Metal sculptures dwell in the garden bringing a touch of fantasy and poetry, magnifying the feeling of discovering a mysterious and enchanting underwater world. Visitors can, for example, sit and rest on iron sea urchins or pass by giant seaweeds.

Suspended buoys give the public a feeling of submersion. The plant palette consists of surprising plants, original and sometimes rare, able to evoke us algae, corals and other aquatic plants while being planted in a terrestrial environment. It is a garden of dreams and poetry that allows to imagine and to popularise the Mediterranean seabed.

This garden intends to be educational by showing several aquatic environments in which the visitor is invited to wander: Posidonia meadows, sandy bottoms or rocky bottoms along the coasts. It is also and above all a garden to see and to experience. At sunset, sea urchins, algae and other metallic structures adorn themselves with mysterious blue and green lights, revealing all the poetry and inviting the visitor to dream and reverie.

Project team

Zoé Balla and Paul Moulucou

The Multifolium collective gathers Zoé Balla and Paul Moulucou (SAINT CERS EN GIRONDE).

The Multifolium collective brings together two landscape designers “DPLG” (Graduated by the Government): Zoe Balla and Paul Moulucou. Based in Gironde, they like to create fertile and welcoming living areas for men and biodiversity, filled with poetry and where art and plants mix together. In addition to imagining and designing gardens and public spaces, Zoe Balla is also a ceramist, while Paul Moulucou works with metal to make objects of art and crafts.

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