In competition - Grasse

With the stream

Presented by Agnès EMONET and Olivier PELLOUX

© Agnès Emonet

Our Mediterranean dream goes in the footsteps of the great Ulysses in his maritime Odyssey told by Homer in his famous poems.

Our garden is the revisited story of the journey of a hero of antiquity, a ride on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, punctuated by coastal landscapes, bushes, rocks. This is our Mediterranean dream.

The staging is structured around two elements: The Mediterranean Sea, on a large space in the centre of the plot in the middle of which navigates the rambler, the Earth, on the two irregular bands on the sides of the plot, which is contemplated from the centre.

By giving access through both ends of the plot, we invite the visitor to cross the garden in a way to create the illusion of sailing "with the stream" on the waves of a vegetal soft sea moving with the wind. The steps are guided by paths dotted with polished water-coloured-glass gravel, several routes being proposed as many shipping routes. The walk leads us to the discovery of the steep coastal landscapes such as those crossed by Ulysses, planted with Mediterranean garrigue: shrubs with a compact and rounded shape.

We want to invite the rambler to live a multisensory experience: the feeling of grasses, the scent of aromatics, the sound of the wind in tall grass and of the polished glass-gravel under the steps and finally the perception of a harmony between blue, purple, green and golden colours.

Project team

Agnès Emonet and Olivier Pelloux met during their university studies at the École nationale supérieure de paysage of Versailles during a second professional life cycle. One is passionate about natural gardens and the other about Mediterranean gardens. (PARIS)

Agnès Emonet

Agnès, trained in artistic graphics in her previous life, set up a self-employed "Artistic Landscaping" company.

Olivier Pelloux

Olivier, trained in botany and gardening, he is a landscape architect and President of the Entreprise d'Espaces Verts Atinea Paysages in Menton.

Garden realised with the help of : ATINEA PAYSAGES, green spaces company, (Menton), Eric Nicolini, sculpture and setting (Nice) and Pépinière Sainte Marguerite, plants (Grasse).

© Département06