In competition - Grasse

Mediterranean vegetation surroundings

Presented by Livia KOLB and Robin CHOULEUR

© KOLB Livia

We take you for a trip on the map of the Mediterranean. While travelling on the sea, we invite you to discover the vastness of the vegetable palette it provides us, from Europe to Africa, from Gibraltar to the Middle East.

The floral scents, the shade of the pergola, the geometric network... all these elements contribute to take you far off the Mediterranean shores.

The garden, fully fenced with wooden slats, invites you to enter the Mediterranean Sea by its 3 routes: the Gibraltar Strait, the Suez Canal and the Bosphorus Strait. The map drawn on the ground reveals a space open to you as a call for sailing along its banks. These banks are made of a palette of carefully selected plants to take you on a trip: graphic, varied, endemic. The small ones punctuate this calm sea, sheltered from the sunrays by a blue pergola, which evokes fishermen nets but also the fragile aspect of this sea which gives us so much.

The numerous tall ones (fence posts and cypresses) set a particular rhythm in the garden to create the enclosed pergola space and the garden space. They refer to the geometrical rigour found in many gardens (especially Arabo-Andalusian).

At the same time at our feet and above us, the Mediterranean Sea fully integrates us in this garden for a better physical, olfactory and spiritual trip around the Mediterranean.

Visiting the “Mediterranean vegetation surroundings” garden is to experience a walk on the map. During a stop on a bank of a familiar country, a reflection on the future of the Mediterranean Sea or on the way to discover its flora, we take you for a wander within the map and for a space flooding experience in order to discover or rediscover another facet of the Mediterranean Sea.

Project team

Through their experience and complementarity, they decided to join forces on many projects, such as the 2nd edition of the Côte d'Azur Gardens Festival.

Livia Kolb

Geographer by training, Livia Kolb designs her projects from an intimate look at the landscape as well as a strong artistic eye.

Robin Chouleur

Technician by training, Robin combines ecology and technique to undertake sensitive projects.

Garden realised with the help of : Dominique Fier, entreprise Altitudes, nets and ropes bleu (Chambéry) ; Palettes Paysage ; Pépinière Sainte-Marguerite, plants(Grasse).