Out of competition 2021 in Nice

The legend of the Paillon

Garden created by the AJJH and sketched by Michel Pena.
The visitor will explore various atmospheres that correspond to the plant life across five continents, represented here in a real space.

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Visitors walk through settings corresponding to the vegetation palettes of five continents represented in real space: North and South America, Oceania, Africa and Asia. This very colourful crossing displays the most beautiful flowers and the most beautiful foliage on a grand scale, accompanied by their French and botanical names and the continent where they grow. Visitors will thus feel that they are entering the heart of the vegetation.

The route's curve prevents the end of the pathway from being seen. Visitors end up in the "BIBLI LOW TECH" hall in which are six trees in pots, symbolically representing the six continents (the five continents of the trail + Europe) at the centre of the garden. The pots are surrounded by wooden benches, surmounted by a curved shelf with books and newspapers available to the public, selected by the association's journalists. Then, once the break is over, wanderers continue to the South, again crossing between Africa then Asia. They come out onto the paving and lawns around the Fountain of the Tritons.


The Association of Gardening and Horticultural Journalists (AJJH), established in 1967, brings together 240 members, including 120 French and French-speaking journalists, authors, photographers, illustrators, video makers and multimedia writers, representing more than 160 information titles, and 120 supporting members from the gardening and horticultural world (production, distribution, equipment suppliers, institutions and communications).

AJJH focuses on encounters with all participants in the gardening world, promotes the garden and its stakeholders, supporting all members and reflects on the future of information work.

AJJH called on Michel PENA, a landscape gardener who designed the Promenade du Paillon in Nice, to produce its garden.


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Access to the gardens depends on the sanitary measures in force.