Out of competition 2021 in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Star plants

A garden offered by the community of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, in collaboration with Henri Olivier, Ivana Boris and Elia Ascheri.

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Designed by Henri Olivier, a wooden bridge placed on a reflecting pool and infinity as a backdrop; a nod to the Saint-Jean peninsula suspended between the sky and the sea and embraced by blue. Here the stars of our gardens are on parade: species from here and those from elsewhere which have been acclimated for a long time.

One after the other, in the heat of the spotlights, each plant will be portrayed by Ivana Boris. As a ribbon on a black background, these photos will be displayed in an adjacent room, the Espace des Néréides. Beside each image, the particularities and legends of each species will be listed, put into words by Elia Ascheri.

An invitation to take a renewed view of the plant heritage in our gardens and landscapes.



Henri Olivier is the holder of a DNSEP (National Higher Diploma in Artistic Expression) from the ENAD (National School of Decorative Arts) in Nice in 1980. At the same time as developing his artistic practice, he developed his experience in gardening and landscaping. From 1994 to 2001, he taught at the École Méditerranée des Jardins et du Paysage [Mediterranean School of Gardens and Landscape] in Grasse, taking on the role of educational co-ordinator.

The work of photographer Ivana Boris relates to natural features and the connection of beings with their environment.

Elia Ascheri's publications can be found in the French and European press.

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Access to the gardens depends on the sanitary measures in force.