Gardens in competition


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Nice, capital of the French Riviera and 5th largest city in France, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Its assets are many: its geographical location between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, the mildness of its climate, the diversity of its landscapes and its cultural heritage.

City of history, art, events, leisure, nature, Nice cultivates the charm of its difference by offering a range of countless visits and activities.

Gardens in competition

© MaGy Collectif

Above the everlasting plants

by the collective Ma.Gy

Press award

Our Mediterranean dream is a wild garden, inspired by garrigue environments, which stimulates our five senses and brings autonomous nature spaces into cities, which harmonises and balances without man’s help.

© Daumas Hélène jungle art

The Little Prince

By Hélène DAUMAS

On the bottom of the Mediterranean, lies the wreckage of Antoine de Saint Exupery’s P38 aircraft. In the desert the Aéropostale pilot from the French airmail company lands to meet the Little Prince.

© Association paysagistes sans frontières

Summer Résilience

By Benjamin ILLAT of the Association Paysagistes Sans Frontières (PSF)

How will the weather and the elements transform the emblematic landscapes of the Côte d'Azur? Far from the promised dystopian future, our installation seeks to prove that ecosystems always evolve, metamorphose and adapt.

In relation with the garden contest

Garden designed and realised by Stéphane Marie for the garden « Silence, ça pousse ! »

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Flying carpet

Garden designed and realised by Stéphane Marie, television presenter of gardening program « Silence, ça pousse ! » broadcasted by France 5.

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The gardens out of competition

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To complete your discovery, touristic routes around the places will allow you to extend the Mediterranean dream in the world of gardens.