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© E. Rossolin

An exceptionally mild microclimate has made Menton a paradise for nineteenth-century botanists who have acclimatised the exotic plants brought from their distant travels.

Here, tropical and subtropical species flourish at their ease thanks to always positive temperatures and a high hygrometry. Banana, avocado, mango and ficus find their place in urban gardens. In addition to its exceptional public or private gardens, the city has acres of green areas making Menton a place for quality environment.

Finally, by the support of the City of Menton, the Association for the Promotion of the Lemon from Menton aims, on the one hand to promote the emergence and development of the citrus industry in Menton and on the other hand, to take all the necessary actions to promote the lemon from Menton.

Gardens in competition

© Lieux 10 - Atelier de paysage

Travelling seeds

By l’atelier de paysage LIEUX 10

This creation between imagination and reality is an invitation to travel through the different fertile and colourful landscapes of the Mediterranean.

© Zoé Balla


By the collective MULTIFOLIUM

The "immersion" garden has been imagined as a walk in the Mediterranean seabed. The Mediterranean Dreams theme recalled to us unknown underwater landscapes sometimes neglected or forgotten as invisible from the surface.

© Millet Lacombe, Mégane PerraMarie

Terra medi-aqua, the archipelago garden


The Mediterranean Sea comes from the Latin "medius" - between and the word "terra" - land, meaning "in the middle of the lands". It is known for its sometimes steep, sometimes paradisiacal coasts. But what about its islands?

© Département06

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To complete your discovery, touristic routes around the places will allow you to extend the Mediterranean dream in the world of gardens.