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Grasse© CRT Riviera Côte d'Azur Georges VERAN

Grasse, with its perfume know-how listed since the end of 2018 as UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is positioned as a central area between sea and mountains.

The richness of its landscapes makes of Grasse a city where it is good to live throughout the year due to a mild climate allowing it to shelter important plant diversity.

The story is not left behind since Grasse is located at the beginning of the Route Napoléon and has a rich past with perfumers. Past that the inhabitants of Grasse revive by perpetuating their traditions. .

Gardens in competition

© Agnès Emonet

With the stream

By Agnès EMONET and Olivier PELLOUX

Our Mediterranean dream goes in the footsteps of the great Ulysses in his maritime Odyssey told by Homer in his famous poems.

© Solene Ortoli

Dream feelings

By Solène ORTOLI

In my memories of stays in the south emerge some paintings of Matisse, Raoul Dufy or Bonnard. In my imagination, the south is percieved by a half open window or is contemplated from the top of a hilly terrain.

© KOLB Livia

Mediterranean vegetation surroundings

By Livia KOLB and Robin CHOULEUR

We take you for a trip on the map of the Mediterranean. While travelling on the sea, we invite you to discover the vastness of the vegetable palette it provides us, from Europe to Africa, from Gibraltar to the Middle East.

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