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Villa Rothschild à Cannes© CRT Côte d'Azur - Camille MOIRENC

Beyond appearance, Cannes is a city with an exceptional heritage. The living environment in Cannes is first and foremost a unique natural setting: the coastline, the bay, the islands and the hills.

They are as well preserved natural environments. The city is settled on an amphitheatre-shaped landscape facing the sea. The notion of garden city contributes to the identity of Cannes and at the same time to a type of urban environment appreciated by temporary or permanent residents.

The gardens in competition

© Floriana Marty & Florian Vanderdonckt

Flying garden

By Floriana Marty

The Flying Garden does not have the shape of a traditional garden. Laid on a structure with a geometry recalling a skeleton of a roller-coaster, it is visible from a distance.

© Thibaut Jeandel

Matisse's windows

By Thibaut JEANDEL

This garden, dedicated to Henri Matisse, intends to create favourable daydreaming conditions, by experiencing a feeling of vertigo through a series of windows (or paintings) and creating a dreamlike acoustic ambience.

© Studio Falaj

"Funduq", an ode to oriental women

By Ludivine Baruton

"Funduq" is first and foremost a tribute to oriental women, from Morocco to Turkey. "Funduq" is also a stop on a journey, a haven of peace embroidered with 10,000 Girls in the Air (Tillandsia)



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