Mandelieu, a garden city in the heart of a protected area between the Mediterranean, the red rocks of the Estérel, the hills of Tanneron which is covered with mimosa in winter, symbol of the winter sun on the French Riviera

The 11,000m² Parc des Oliviers in Mandelieu-La-Napoule is an area for walking and strolling along the banks of the Siagne. This landscaped area, entirely designed by the city's Green Spaces Department, is home to typically Mediterranean or acclimatised species.
A botanic itinerary guides the visitor through the entire park, where there is a variety of landscape features, including an olive grove and a reed bed.

Non-competition garden

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    Designed by Land'Act Agence Sud and created by the Green Spaces Department of the town of Mandelieu. Perspectives d'avenirs is a garden with optical illusions and visual barriers that is arranged as an evolving path.


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