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Matisse's windows

© Thibaut Jeandel

This garden, dedicated to Henri Matisse, intends to create favourable daydreaming conditions, by experiencing a feeling of vertigo through a series of windows (or paintings) and creating a dreamlike acoustic ambience.

Inspired freely by the history of art and the history of the Art of Mediterranean gardens, the garden uses a whole vocabulary of colour, substance and plants specific to this region of the globe;

The garden is an invitation to wander, in the shade of wisteria, through the blue palisades of a fantasy villa.
Benches also offer the opportunity to mark a dreamy or talkative stop. Their location is determined by the amount of sunshine and the desired setting and perspective effects.

The view does not embrace the whole garden in one glance. The two enclosed spaces contain a chime of terracotta and can be discovered through windows positioned in a way to create transparencies that highlight spectacular colour contrasts.

The vegetation is brought by means of bins, above the ground, to facilitate the positioning, maintenance and rehabilitation of the plot. The use of an essentially local flora, with little need of water, will end up anchoring the garden in its territory and time.
Water management is indeed a fundamental issue in the development of contemporary gardens at a time of major climate issues. The re-use of materials such as chime tiles also underpins the desire to reduce the impact of this ephemeral garden on the environment.

The visitor is invited to withdraw from the stress of the city in the park of the Villa Rothschild, for a moment of visual contemplation and listening. He will be surprised by the random renewal of sounds and changing arrangements included in the frames / windows in a row. Visually and acoustically the garden is a strong experience: A monumental chime of 160 suspended tiles and bright colour contrast borrowed from the works of Henri Matisse.

Project team

Thibaut Jeandel

Acoustician and psychoacoustician by training, Thibaut JEANDEL seeks to explore the resources of sound as a tool for designing gardens. Trained at the Potager du roi of Versailles, he has been working since 2011 in the restoration of the Château d’Ennery, its park and gardens (department 95).

Damien Abel

Damien Abel creates, assembles and repairs everything since his childhood. His career reflects his versatility and his tremendous adaptability; alternately aeronautical technician, organ builder, carpenter and musician.

Garden realised with the help of committed partners for the respect of the environment : Matériaux Anciens du Sud (re-use of noble material) ; Pépinière Iris en Provence (horticultural supplies, Iris and Hemerocallis without pesticides nor forcing) ; Oyas Environnement (ecological watering system ) ; Pépinière Verte Ligne (horticultural supplies) ; Buxor (solutions for living soil and humus generation based on boxwood) ; Pépinière Sainte-Marguerite, plants (Grasse).

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