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"Funduq", an ode to oriental women

© Studio Falaj

"Funduq" is first and foremost a tribute to oriental women, from Morocco to Turkey.

"Funduq" is also a stop on a journey, a haven of peace embroidered with 10,000 Girls in the Air (Tillandsia). "Funduq" is finally a vegetal artwork; a true contemporary reinterpretation of the Oasis.

The main design of "Funduq" is inspired by Moroccan oases and riads. In the centre is a courtyard accessible via zellige tiles paths. It is bounded by moucharabiehs embroidered with Tillandsia and decorated with a fountain. An intimate space in connection with the sky and the invisible by means of distorting mirrors.

The moucharabiehs also play with the surrounding space and the in / out relationship: particular scenes of the reception garden and of the exterior framed to the south, and a play amongst four superimposed panels to the east offering the visitor a personal and unique interpretation of the work.

To the south, a welcoming garden following the traditional structure of the Oases and its four strata of plantations: cypress trees as windbreaks, palm trees, olive trees and planting beds below revealing a pattern of Berber kilims and scents of cocoa. The whole supplied by a network of water canals and decorated with water jets.

Project team

© Nabil Boudarqa

Ludivine Baruton

Ludivine Baruton, graduated Landscape Architect “DPLG” (Graduated by the Government) in 2003 by the ENSP Versailles with the congratulations of the jury. Landscape designer globe-trotter, she works on park projects, large-scale public spaces and private gardens in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Pierre Kerrand and Daniel Thonin© Tillandsia Prod

Other members

Pierre Kerrand, Daniel Thomin, Matthieu Gilli, Dominique Roux and David Teissier

Garden realised with the help of :
Tillandsia Prod, Tillandsia (Le Cailar) ; GILLI, entrepreneur du paysage (Antibes) ; Asmontec Events Déco, Moucharabieh et Zellige (Marrakech - Maroc) ; Savoir Fer, ferronnerie d’art (Etoile sur Rhône) ; Pépinière le Tauran, graminées (Saint Aunes) ; Pépinière Atrium, arbres (Antibes), Pépinière Sainte-Marguerite.

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