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Flying garden

© Floriana Marty & Florian Vanderdonckt

The Flying Garden does not have the shape of a traditional garden. Laid on a structure with a geometry recalling a skeleton of a roller-coaster, it is visible from a distance.

The white supporting frame in is very legible in the landscape. This cylindrical architecture is sustained by legs intended to remain unnoticed. Entirely filled with an alternation of hanging and climbing plants, the Flying Garden presents an alternative to conventional green walls by highlighting the "green curtain", a screen that is not an obstacle to wandering, which is not set to be a limit but which can be walked through.

Its design recalls the famous hanging gardens, with dense vegetation and strange shape.

It motivates the viewer to look up and to appreciate the formal singularity until his steps lead him (without him noticing) at the feet of this peculiar garden.

It is by walking under the vegetal vaults that he does really experience it. The plants move with the typical winds of the region, they dance, they humbly hide the entire garden which is progressively revealed.

Up in the air, the vegetation is in harmony with the blue of the sky, the references of the spectator are no more the same, he is somewhere else.

The Flying Garden offers a trip in a dreamlike atmosphere between sky and Mediterranean land, an atmosphere which is pleasant to experience, a fascinating garden to walk along.

Project team

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Floriana Marty

Floriana Marty, designer of the project, is a graduate of a BTS in landscaping and a Master of the École supérieure des Beaux Art of Montpellier Agglomération. She combines this dual training to create landscaped areas.

Magali Rigal

She is a horticultural producer and teacher at Gignac Agricultural High School.

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Florian Vanderdonckt

Florian Vanderdonckt is an artist from Montpellier with a Master's degree from the École supérieure des Beaux Art of Montpellier Agglomération, he shares his sculptor's know-how and his painter's eye in the conception and realisation of the project. Magali Rigal is a horticultural producer and teacher at Lycée Agricole of Gignac.

Garden realised with the help of David et Magali Rigal, nurseryman (Saelles du Bosc).

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