In competition - Antibes Juan-les-Pins

From one bank to another

Presented by Sylvère FOURNIER (PASSION JARDIN)

© Fournier Sylvere Passion Jardin

Our garden takes you on a trip around the Mediterranean, from one bank to another, from North to South, from Provence to Maghreb.

We begin our trip in a Provençal landscape, bordered with olive trees, lavender and dry stones. We are gradually moving towards a horizon where, in the sand dunes, palms and citrus fruits of the African coast coexist. Hardly noticeable from the outside, this garden is gradually revealed throughout the walk.

In Provence as in Maghreb, you can have a rest in a shelter, in a typical housing of each region, in accordance with its culture and architecture.

Between these two landscapes, a basin fed by a couple of water courses obviously represents the Mediterranean, connecting these two regions of the world.

A wall splits the garden, separating these two worlds, so different and yet so close, connected by a footbridge overlooking the "sea" evoking the link between mankind and the migration of plants.

Water, symbol of a scarce and precious element in the Mediterranean is beautifully highlighted, bringing freshness and magnitude to the garden.

Project team

Sylvère Fournier

Each member of our team (led by Sylvère FOURNIER), knows each other very well because we have been working together for more than 10 years and we have already realised several competitions and garden shows. A team that is complete at the technical and artistic level. In addition, our two apprentices will join the adventure, a unique experience for them.(GARD)

Other members of the team

Jérémie Boissière, Cédric Eygrier, Laurent Buron, Lucas Michel, Alan Bontoux Calot, Sylvère Fournier.

Garden realised with the help of : Pépinière Vannucci, plants; Pépinière Rouy, plants; Granier Matériaux ; Passion Jardin Jardinerie.

© Département06