In competition - Antibes Juan-les-Pins

A Mediterranean painting

Garden presented by Alejandro O’NEILL et Maggie Wu Wai Chung

© Alejandro O'Neill et Maggie Wu Wai Chung

This garden is a tribute to Picasso, a true Mediterranean artist and wanderer, who lived in a variety of places in both Spain and France, and whilst living in Antibes often visited Nice.

Famous for his use of bright colours and cubistic lines, this garden contrasts this artistic boldness with a rich diversity of Mediterranean plants. Like Picasso, they are a symbol of resilience and diversity.

This garden is a combination of rich Mediterranean plants diversity and bold, geometric, colourful lines inspired by Picasso’s painting titled a “Mediterranean Landscape”.

As Picasso’s painting it makes you feel happy. The entrances to the garden are connected so that you can walk through the entire garden, with a seating area in the middle. A place to rest surrounded by colourful geometric planters. The ropes providing shade echo the bold lines of Picasso’s painting, balancing shade from the sun whilst maintaining the openness of a true Mediterranean landscape.

The vegetation is inspired by Mediterranean flora, small pieces of shaped landscape flow naturally through the garden, representing the rich diversity that you can find along the Big Blue Mediterranean coast.

A true reflexion of a Mediterranean landscape. An open social space to enjoy the Mediterranean weather, spend time with family and friends and enjoy the good things of Mediterranean life. A space that makes you feel joyful through the use of bright colours.

Project team

Alejandro O’Neill et Maggie Wu Wai Chung

Alejandro was originally trained in Uruguay, where he developed a strong passion for naturalistic designs based on the principles of ecology and sustainability. He worked in Uruguay, England, France, Italy, Russia and Japan. In his designs, he encourages the use of plants adapted to local climates, thus minimising the use of water and maintenance, while celebrating the local flora. Maggie Wu Wai Chung is an architect and artist. Her works are visible in Hong Kong, Italy, France and Russia. (ANTIBES/URUGUAY/CHINA)

Garden realised with the help of : Pépinières Gaudissart (plants) ; Schiva Vincent Jardins (construction) ; Orsteel-light (lighting) and Yotha (Monaco) ; Michel Magnan "Atelier St. Colombe" (carpentry), Pépinière Sainte-Marguerite .

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