2021 Edition

Gardens in competition

For the 3rd edition of the Festival, the theme is “Artists’ Gardens”. Come and discover the landscaped creations chosen for the 2021 competition, held from the 9th May to the 9th June 2021.

Les jardins ont toujours inspiré les plus grands artistes dans les domaines de la littérature, la sculpture, la peinture, le cinéma ou encore la photographie. Le jardin d’artiste se veut un lieu inspirant, mettant l’art au centre de sa création.

Retrouvez les 13 créations paysagères sur 6 lieux différents.

Access to the gardens depends on the sanitary measures in force.

The gardens in competition at Antibes - Juan-les-Pins

Located right at the heart of the "French Riviera," at the foot of the crystalline foothills of the Southern Alps, a few minutes from Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport and Sophia Antipolis science park, the city of ANTIBES JUAN LES PINS, with its walls, its 25 km shoreline, Europe's biggest marina and the sandy beaches of Juan les Pins, is a modern and entrepreneurial city, which is also known for its rich horticultural past, symbolised by the rose.

This wealth can be found nowadays in its green spaces and its natural public spaces which amount to more than 200 hectares.

The Juan les Pins pinewood, which hosts the International Jazz Festival and which will be the home of the pop-up gardens, combines nature with culture and tourism.

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  • Plastic Dancer

    By Julia Georgi and the Politecnico of Milan.
    To compose a Mediterranean Artist's Garden, we revisited Henri Matisse's collage "Dancer" [1937-1938].

  • Meeting the senses

    By Kairi Meos.
    The garden has three organically shaped islands around the inner areas. The islands are covered with Mediterranean plants.

The gardens in competition at Cannes

Beneath the surface, Cannes is a city which has an exceptional heritage.

The physical environment in Cannes is, first of all, a unique natural setting: the coast, the bay, the islands and the hills.

They are also conserved natural environments. The city occupies a terrain in the shape of an amphitheatre open to the sea.

The concept of a garden-city is part of Cannes' identity and at the same time a kind of urban environment sought after by temporary or permanent residents.

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  • Complantation / Contemplation

    By Baas Catherine et Tardy Christophe.
    In our garden, we can stroll in a free space, between several space-time and discover the "complantations" based on the cultural practices from the Antiquity period.

  • Folie Folia

    By Kolb Livia et Alexe Virginie.
    The garden, like a painting, begins with a blank canvas. Still stretched in the vertical position, it still waits for the first brushstroke.

The gardens in competition at Grasse

The commune of Grasse is located between the sea and mountains.

It is distinguished by the presence of many renowned perfumers and producers of roses and other perfume plants.

The wealth of its landscapes make Grasse a city where living is easy throughout the year, since it enjoys a mild climate enabling it to host a significant diversity of plants.

History is not forgotten since Grasse is located at the start of the Route Napoleon and has a rich past involving the perfumers. It is a past which the inhabitants of Grasse cherish by continuing the traditions of Grasse.

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  • The artistic fibre

    By Elodie COTTAR et Marion HINTZY.
    By definition: A thin, elongated, often flexible, element, traditionally taken from plants or animals, which is today synthetic.

  • A glimpse of paradise

    By PICORIT Johan, JEANVOINE Ambroise
    A Monumental Tableau. In the distance, the hut, the apex of which dances with the wind, is calling us. Let's cross the frame, let's enter Douanier Rousseau's jungle.

The gardens in competition at Menton

An exceptionally mild microclimate made Menton a paradise for the botanists of the 19th century, who acclimated exotic plants from their distant trips there.

Here, tropical and subtropical species flourish at their ease, thanks to temperatures which are always above freezing and significant humidity. Banana trees, avocado trees, mango trees and ficus find their place in the urban gardens.

In addition to its exceptional gardens, public and private, the town has hectares of green spaces, making Menton a quality environment.

Finally, on the initiative of the Town of Menton, the Association for the Promotion of the Lemon of Menton, has the aim, on the one hand, of promoting the emergence and development of the citrus-growing sector in Menton and, on the other, to undertake all action required to promote the lemon of Menton.

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  • Rendezvous at the Artist's Studio

    By Johanna BONELLA et Abel FLOSI.
    This garden takes us on a journey to an artist's studio, a plant amphitheatre 3 meters high.

  • Artistic Hybridisations

    By Aurélien Davroux and Michel Lopez.
    On the shores of the Mediterranean, mankind has settled: since the 19th century, the Côte d’Azur has been a haven for the Russian community and its artists.

The gardens in competition at Nice

Nice, the capital of the Côte d’Azur and the fifth largest city in France, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Its assets are many: its geographical location between the Mediterranean Sea and mountains, the mildness of its climate, the diversity of its landscapes and its cultural heritage.

A city of history, art, events, leisure and nature, Nice cultivates the charm which sets it apart by offering a range of countless tours and activities.

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  • The Orientalist's garden

    By Vincent Confortini and Louise Lefebvre – BLOC PAYSAGE.
    Here the visitor is accompanying the painter to his studio.

  • The labyrinthe of the muses

    By Daniela Donisi.
    In antiquity, there were nine Muses, representing the supreme ideal, the absolute truth: Clio, Thalia, Erato, Polyhymnia, Calliope, Terpsichore, Urania, Melpomene, Euterpe ... They were in charge of all artistic fields.

  • Where the plants tell the tales

    By Andrea Russo and Vincenzo Nardi.
    The garden is inspired by the literary masterpiece "The Decameron," written by Giovanni Boccaccio.

The gardens in competition at Monaco

On the initiative of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, the environment is a national priority for Monaco which, for several years now, has been conducting a proactive policy in support of sustainable development.

Drawing on its commitments, the Principality of Monaco wishes to assert its position as a Responsible Tourism destination by offering an introduction to all its actions through tours away from the usual tourist circuits to find out about a sustainable Monaco.

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  • D'un rêve à l'autre

    By Wu Wai Chung Maggie.
    The garden, named D'un rêve à l'autre, is inspired by the surrealist artists like Salvador Dali, René Magritte, and poet André Breton.

  • Free the girls

    By Christophe Gautrand.
    "Free the Girls is a dream garden which pays tribute to French artist Niki de Saint Phalle.