Côte d'Azur gardens festival

Marina Picasso, godmother of the Festival

In 2019, Marina Picasso will be the godmother of the Côte d'Azur Gardens Festival and will have the honour, with the jury, to elect the winner of this second edition.

Marina Picasso© Département 06

Granddaughter of the painter Pablo Picasso, she shares her grandfather's works all over the world for exhibitions and events dedicated to him.

Marina Picasso is behind the "Marina Picasso" Foundation. Her humanitarian work begins when the Vietnamese authorities offer her a land that allows her to build the "Youth Village" in Thu-Duc, a suburb of Saigon. 25 houses, a dormitory for the older children, a medical unit, a sports field and a swimming pool will allow the village to accommodate 350 children for more than 20 years. This village is today a state orphanage.

Marina Picasso assisted the Ho Chi Minh City Pediatric Hospital by providing medical equipment and also funded the creation of clinics in various districts, as well as the renovation of the Go Vap orphanage. A little later, she also helped for the improvement of the sisters' retirement home buildings and financed the construction of homes for single mothers.

At the university, many grants have been provided to the students and the construction of a farm allows today to help the "Youth Village".

In Nice, Marina's actions included substantial financial assistance to the Lenval Foundation for the acquisition of medical equipment, as well as assistance to African children. In 2012, she inaugurated a home for teenagers that bears her name.

In Cannes, she offered financial support to the firemen of Cannes-La-Bocca for their missions in South America.

In Geneva, she supported the "Foyer Handicap", a centre dedicated to adult quadriplegics.

From now on, she wants to devote herself to what she loves, the nature, the wonderful garden that she redesigns with the talent of the landscape artist Jean Mus, to rediscover the Mediterranean scents (lavender, pittosporums, citrus fruits, etc.).

A dedicated meilland rose

During the Côte d'Azur Gardens Festival, a new rose will be dedicated to the Godmother of the Festival, Marina Picasso.

Brand-new and exclusive creation of the Maison Meilland, its refined look and white color symbolize purity and beauty.

Meilland international

A name attributed to the rose, queen of flowers, since 1850. Meilland is an internationally renowned creator and producer of new varieties of roses that are exceptional in form or fragrance. This 100% family company of French rose growers – 6th generation at Meilland Roses – carries on a tradition of creativity and quality, offering new and original creations every year.