Landscape creations contest

The 1st edition of the Festival delighted you with the theme "Awakening the senses". The 2nd edition will make you dream with a dreamlike proposal to discover a territory of exception.

This new edition's theme is ‘MEDITERRANEAN DREAMS’

This second edition of the festival is an introductory stroll through the heart of the Mediterranean, a world of Provençal gardens, Italian gardens imbued with the essence of the Renaissance, Ancient Greece-inspired gardens, North African gardens and a luscious oasis.

It is an invitation to dream in a setting in which gardens become synonymous with wonderment and reverie, an opportunity to experience the Mediterranean coastline and a chance for visitors to stroll, relax and soak up Nature's bounties.

The incredible history and heritage of the Côte d’Azur through a selection of delightfully surprising experiences in iconic settings. This theme gives designers the room they need to flex their creative muscles and explore the concept of gardens from a range of different viewpoints.

The resulting designs will reflect the wealth and diversity of the Mediterranean as a region. Each garden will feature an architectural style, a botanical palette, a finely-struck balance between different plants, forming a sumptuous display case for works of art and a space in which the imagination can roam free. 

Gardens in competition